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Urban Wildlife
You do not need to go to the Himalaya for wildlife images. If you have the eye, there will always be exciting shooting opportunities around your house. These juvenile Tailorbirds in my backyard proved to be just the right subjects. Two fledglings would regularly visit my garden at a fixed time before sunset. They roosted at the same spot, a well-hidden horizontal twig about a metre from the ground. I observed the birds for a week before planning the shoot. And the result is in front of you.

Urban Wildlife
To minimise disturbance, I pre-adjusted the focal length and aperture. The Tailorbirds were surprisingly cooperative and held their ground even when I was only half a meter from them! What we term ‘boldness’ is actually a strategy for evading predation in the wild. Nocturnal predators like snakes and civets are sensitive to movement but find it difficult to tell an immobile prey from its substrate. Most prey species take advantage of this and freeze at the slightest rustle.