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Look out for interesting animal behavior
Wildlife photographers, with the advent of good telephoto lenses, are tempted to take crisp, tight, portraits of animals. However, photographers must also use these lenses to include more of the surrounding. This will help them take interesting animal-animal or animal-plant interactions. Such photos will enthuse the viewer and increase the understanding of the species. Fighting, feeding, pollinating, stalking, hunting, mating, hovering are some of the behaviors that must be captured on camera.

Look out for interesting animal behavior
A herd of female elephants form a tight cluster around a mating pair in Corbett. This was accompanied by incessant calling by the herd. Once a male elephant picks-up the female scent when she is about to come in heat, he follows her until she is ready to mate. This may take several days and during this period he will ward off other competing males. He will mate with her several times as soon as she comes in heat.