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Create artistic images without displacing or handling wildlife
Though the ubiquitous snail seldom attracts attention, it is a cooperative subject and will provide a wildlife photographer what a bird or a butterfly never will – time! Thus, it can be utilised to master techniques before moving to more mobile subjects. Care must be taken to not displace or handle the animal

Create artistic images without displacing or handling wildlife
While gardening in my backyard, I saw a snail on a broad-leafed plant, sliding leisurely over the smooth leaf surface, negotiating pathway-like leaf veins. An idea struck me and from my house, I retrieved my camera, an electrical extension board and a bulb holder. I placed the bulb below the leaf, metered the bright velvety leaf surface and allowed the snail to move into the desired position. By illuminating the leaf from below, I obtained a silhouette of the snail against the network of veins.